Monster Menagerie: Winter Ravagers

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



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Monster Menagerie: Winter Ravagers

Welcome to Winter Ravagers, the first in Rogue Genius Games' Monster Menagerie line of monster products. The plan is for every Monster Menagerie to offer a set of monsters that match a theme, with full write-ups, simple index card style summaries for use at the game table, and printable standee figures for every monster. But while future versions will feature typical fantasy adventure themes-fiends and cultists, dark fey, creatures from the subterranean kingdoms - Winter Ravagers is focused on a less common trope.

Because we're "Geniuses," and because the spirit of the holiday season moved us, we decided to make this very first product a little different from the line that will eventually follow. (Which, I admit, is not How Things Are Normally Done.) Everything in this book grows out of and is linked to the winter holidays. The creatures are ideal for adventures tied to Yuletide, Saturnalia, the Great Hunt, or any cold-weather gift-giving celebration you use in your campaigns, but most can also be used in other adventures set in arctic or merely wintry climes.