Star Log.EM-037: Envoy Improvisations

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



Tags: Fantasy Player Aids Sci-Fi Skills Starfinder

Star Log.EM-037: Envoy Improvisations

By Alexander Augunas

Take your Starfinder campaign to new heights with Everyman Gaming’s Star Log.EM series! This high-crunch series specializes in everything from fantastic new aliens from recently discovered biomes to exciting new archetypes, feats, and class options based on futuristic ideology and traditional fantasy alike. Each week, a different Star Log.EM tackles a new, exciting topic.

This installment of Star Log.EM includes: 1,000 words detailing over a dozen all-new envoy improvisations. Ranging from 2nd to 8th-level improvisations, included within are a new class of envoy improvisations that function whenever the envoy is knocked out, such as Avenge Me! and Inspiring Martyr. Also included is the ability to learn additional languages, trick an opponent into catching a live grenade, information about several of the Xa-Osoro System’s notable envoys, and more.

The Star Log.EM series—Starfinder for tomorrow!