Darwin's World, Nuclear Edition: Feeding Grounds

by Misfit Studios

Misfit Studios



Tags: Adventure (Low-Level) Savage Worlds Sci-Fi

Darwin's World, Nuclear Edition: Feeding Grounds

Darwin's World, Nuclear Edition: Feeding Grounds JumpStart Adventure

Get a look at Darwin's World, Nuclear Edition before the core rules are released!

Welcome to a world gone insane.

Brave soldiers ready to fight and die for America, you and your unit have awoken in a future gone mad. Thousands more still sleep within the facility that kept you safe through the centuries, awaiting a time to rebuild the world. But now it is being preyed upon by hideous cannibals who are farming humanity's future. Only one thing stands in their way: you and your unit.

They call it the feeding grounds. You are the food.

Originally released for GenCon 2006 and using the d20 system, this latest version of the Feeding Grounds has been re-visited, re-edited, and re-vamped for Savage Worlds. In addition to the adventure itself, this product includes races, Edges, weapons and more to serve as an overall introduction to Darwin's World, Nuclear Edition.

Both a color and print-friendly version of the product are included.

Darwin's World, Nuclear Edition products are published by Misfit Studios under license from RPGObjects.

All Darwin's World, Nuclear Edition products are designed using the SWADE edition of the Savage Worlds game system.

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