13 Things: Gene-Spliced Dogs

by paNik productions

paNik productions



Tags: Fate Modern Monsters/Enemies Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition Savage Worlds Sci-Fi

13 Things: Gene-Spliced Dogs

Actually, there's 14!

Complete stats for 14 new dog-variants in five game systems for under two bucks. Whether you're looking for guard dogs to beef up security at your mad scientist's lab, escaped experimental subjects, or weird pets for your players, 13 Things: Gene-Spliced Dogs fits the bill. It's got extra-large dogs with genes from bears, super-fast dogs with hummingbird D.N.A.,  skunk-dogs, shark-dogs, dogs that walk on walls, and dogs that can track prey by sensing its electromagnetic field. (Yes this is an ability possessed by real animals, but to find out which one, you'll have to spring for a buck thirty!)

Files included in this Product:

  • 13_Things_Gene_Spliced_Dogs_SW.pdf (Savage Worlds format)
  • 13_Things_Gene_Spliced_Dogs_polysystem.pdf (Pathfinder format)
  • 13_Things_Gene_Spliced_Dogs_tablet_eds.zip