Bondsworn: Desidarius & Keale

by MÓR Games

MÓR Games



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Bondsworn: Desidarius & Keale

Bondsworn: Desidarius & Keale

This first installment in the Council of Lords series looks at two of the Bondsworn factions within the Avitian Empire; the manipulative Desiderius and the noble Keale.

This book contains over 20 pages of feats, magic items, and traits and history so that players can make their characters rise among their Bondsworn.

GMs will find story hooks and NPCs to help inspire and breathe the world of Aeliode to life!

Where ever you sit at your game table, there is something for you. This PDF is even hyperlinked to the Imperiums Campaign Setting Core Rules Guide!

Choose your Bondsworn and ride out into legend!