Shadowglade: Introduction to Shadowglade

by Neo Productions Unlimited

Neo Productions Unlimited



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Shadowglade: Introduction to Shadowglade

Supernatural suspense, horror, and action await the unwary in Shadowglade! 500 years ago, the world ended. More than that, it was forgotten, the minds of those alive scoured clean of knowledge, history, and identity. In the intervening years, society has rebuilt as best it could, new alliances have been forged and blood-sworn enemies made as the surviving nations have begun to rediscover their roots. Out in the wilds and darkness, however, not all that lurks is friendly...or human...or even alive.

About Shadowglade

The history of Shadowglade is one shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. The ruling nations and popular churches and inquisitive souls have documented what little history they could, however, in an attempt to ensure the ravages of time could not scour what little they knew ever again.

Get a sneak peek into the realm of Shadowglade with the Introduction to Shadowglade!

Enclosed in this packet is over 30 pages of background, history, and more detailing the world of Shadowglade! Learn how the various city states and churches rose to power, the influence they once wielded and their place in the world today! Live as a Shadowglen native with an understanding of the mindset of its peoples, the lore that has been assembled these last 500 years, the superstitions and beliefs that guide the world and more!

And, know that this is just the beginning! Coming quickly, watch for the complete introduction to the realm with Shadowglade's Player's Guide, Game Master's Guide, and Bestiary, everything needed to explore the realm! To get up-to-date information about the setting and future releases, join us on Facebook for updates!