Starjammer: Races of the Void II- Zephra

by Publishing Publishing



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Starjammer: Races of the Void II- Zephra

Not all creatures are created equal.

Not all creatures are created in the same manner, even if they come from the same stock. Such is the case of the Zephra, having come together in eons past as microbes, and over the millennia, evolved into a recognizable shape.

The Zephra seek to balance themselves on the cosmic scale. However, they all share the same quest: Long ago they lost their home and now, they want to reclaim it. A purpose for which they now prowl the stars.

The Zephra are an exciting new race for your Starjammer campaign. With eyes that reflect the stars and a flexible, pseudopod-like appendage, the zephra are a unique species roaming the spaceways in search of their ancestral home.

Ready to play in your Starjammer science fiction fantasy game or quickly adaptable to your Starfinder adventures, the Zephra offer interesting options as player characters:

  • Longstride into combat either on land, across the deck of a spaceship or even in the cold vacuum of space...
  • Use your pseudopod in combat or to carry a small object of your choice...
  • Use your inherent link to the stars as a Star Jockey (archetype) and race through the spaceways...
  • Evolve your body to the Lion's Claw archetype, using your natural weapons to weave through combat, dealing damage with foot and paw...

Remember that Starjammer is 100% Pathfinder-compatible, and is, essentially Pathfinder in Space. This is NOT StarFINDER. That's an entirely different system.