The Guide to the Cult of Shub Niggurath

by Wayward Rogues Publishing

Wayward Rogues Publishing



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The Guide to the Cult of Shub Niggurath

The Guide to the Cult of Shub Niggurath

Vile rites on defiled sites beneath twin gibbous moons, From howling lairs she bleats and swears within the darkened lunes, Cleanse your dice and pay the price for this gruesome pdf, With each page turned ye'll surely learn a new fate worse than death, The Goddess calls her mates and thralls to shout her whispered prayers, As fiendish boons spell horrid dooms on bloody 5ft. squares!

From the darkest of the hillside thickets, the decadent followers of Shub-Niggurath perform their evil celebrations when The Stars are Right.

Contained herein are the cult’s forbidden secrets, their debased practices, and a collection of unwholesome allies from beyond the walls of time and space.

This updated and revised edition features:

7 new class archetypes, over a dozen new feats and spells, new items, Monstrous Mounts, a new prestige class, and much, much more!