Trap Compendium

by 2CGaming, LLC.

2CGaming, LLC.



Tags: 5th Edition Fantasy GM Tools

Trap Compendium

For the discerning Dungeon Master looking to build a more dangerous lair. This book contains 50 traps, ready for use in your 5th Edition Roleplaying Game, and the rules to build countless more. Featuring the same custom trap creation system seen in the Total Party Kill Handbook to let you easily build exactly the trap you want for heroes from level 1 to level 20, the Trap Compendium adds new components, extra upgrades, and unique traps you haven't seen before. Assail heroes with rolling boulders that spew fire as they go, fill corridors with webbing before unleashing a swarm of poisonous spiders, or even telekinetically hurl trespassers into a sphere of annihilation. The traps in this book offer a true challenge for your players and will make them think twice before rushing in unprepared.