Vile Primer (5E)

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Vile Primer (5E)


Congratulations, you’re evil. What now?

Wait, are you not evil? Have you not yet experienced the Evil Primer, our fledgling preview of the diabolical monstrosity that’s become the Book of Exalted Darkness?! The 414-page Book of Exalted Darkness, with its fully detailed decopunk campaign setting of Askis, scores of NPCs and monsters, and page after page of vile 5E player options released in March, with multiple 5-star reviews already! If evil's not your bag, that’s okay. Later this spring the Book of Celestial Heroes is coming out—we recommend that do-gooders get back to us then.

If you'd like to know more and you're new to the world of Askis as a player or GM, you can download this free Vile Primer to:

  • Get the lowdown on what to expect from the despicable Book of Exalted Darkness
  • A quick overview of the world of Askis and how it came to be a utopia
  • The final rules for Sanctity, Sin, and vilis points.

An enormous 2-page table that summarizes all of the existing poisons and our new evil toxins.

For the curious, you also can check out the free Evil Primer, Killing the Golden Twins adventure, and Mad Scientist Playtest PDFs from the Kickstarter to see if your table is ready for the despicable, devious, and devilish depravity that awaits!