To Our Customers

The Short Story...

Why shop here? First, when you buy products here a greater portion of your dollar makes it into the publishers hands than when you purchase elsewhere. Second, the money you spend (which you would probably be spending anyway) now goes to support the costs of running the Pathfinder SRD website, the Swords & Wizardry website, and the various monthly subscriptions required to continue adding new content to those sites. We're fans of those products just like you are but all those subscriptions are costly so you help us out when you buy from us.

More Information...

This store offers content for all manner of games (roleplaying and otherwise), including, but not limited to, Pathfinder, Swords & Wizardry, Dungeon Crawl Classics, and various super hero systems.) Our initial focus is on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game but we intend to expand to offer content for other games as well.


Here's a few comments from some of our supporters...

"Hello John, I just wanted to reply to your emails.

First, taking the time to personally thank me upon my first purchase was amazing.

Second, taking the time to look into the discount code issue I had and respond to me was incredible. I managed to get Blood and Steel, thank you.

Third, taking the time the to personally thank me for my second purchase has just left me flabbergasted.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm supremely impressed. I'm sure your store's small size, in a niche market, allows you to add this personal touch. However, it's still greatly appreciated. Thanks again. For everything." -- E.I.

"All sorted out, thanks for the (much quicker than I'd expected) response! Regards, Matt"

"I have to say, this was a very quick turn around to get the books to me. I definitely appreciate that. I've ordered from other places and just to get the order processed takes a week or more. Thank you! I'll make it a point to see if you stock what I'm looking for before I look elsewhere from now on. Thanks, Patrick"

"Hi John, thank you for the personal email follow-up.  That is excellent service. Thanks, Steve"

"Thanks very much, I appreciate the heads-up and the great customer service! Cheers, -Neil"

Open Gaming Network Sites...

After you've shopped around here a bit, if you are interested in other games be sure to check out the awesome sites we manage including:

Of course everyone knows Pathfinder. How can you not know the #1 RPG in the world??? But if you like a much faster playing, easier to learn system for fantasy roleplaying games, why not check out Swords & Wizardry? The rules are all online for free at and if you like what you see you can hop on over to the Frog God Games store to get more awesome products for the game. They were cool enough to work with us to put their rules online FOR FREE just so you can see if you like it before you buy it. So show them some appreciation and if you dig what they've done, toss some gold pieces their way and buy a book or two from them. You won't be disappointed.

Ok, so if you want something even more different.. something MUCH more super heroic... you MUST check out Mutants & Masterminds. This is the premier super hero roleplaying game system based on (but not entirely similar to...) the d20 basic core. It is Open Game Content (except for a couple small bits) and so you can even build other systems or products on it. Anyway, if you like super heroes (who doesn't???) you need to at least check out

Ok, if you're done here, get back to your game!

Oh, if you have any issues or concerns, please send an email to