Sell in the Open Gaming Store

All tabletop roleplaying game products are allowed at the Open Gaming Store, not just those that are released under an "Open" license or that have an SRD associated with them.

Why Should you sell with us?

You keep more of your money when you sell with us. For digital (downloadable products) the Open Gaming Store sales commission is just 25%. For physical products that we ship, the Open Gaming Store commission is 35%. If you fulfill physical (shipped) orders the commission remains 25%.

We have a Large Audience: We're able to promote your products before a massive audience. The various SRD websites we manage receive millions of visits per month with an average visit duration of over 20 minutes each. We can place extremely targeted "Buy Now" link boxes where they would have the biggest impression before the perfect audience.

You get discounted or free advertising: We manage several popular gaming websites, a monthly newsletter with over 20,000 subscribers which you can advertise your products or services in.

Ok, you're convinced. Now what?

  1. Email to get started. She will send you a link to a Publisher Information form that you need to fill out giving us some necessary information.
  2. We will send you a Distribution Agreement Google Doc. You need to read this and agree to the terms by entering your name and date at the bottom of the document. This authorizes us to sell your products.
  3. We will then create a Google Drive folder you will upload product files (PDFs, Android .apk files, cover image thumbnails, etc.) to.
  4. We will send you a link to a Google Form that you use to enter product information in.

Additional Information

We pay via Paypal by the 7th business day of each month for sales occurring during the previous calendar month. If your total sales are less than $20.00 we carry your balance over to the following month until your total sales are greater than $20.00.