10 Rakshasa Items

by Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing



Tags: Fantasy Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

10 Rakshasa Items

Equipment as Decadent as you are!

Sometimes you want to sit down to a full meal of archetypes, base classes, feats, magic items, npcs, prestige classes, traits, classes, or spells, and sometime you just want a cheap, quick, and easy snack for .99 cents. To feed your craving Rite Publishing presents the “10 Series” which will presents 10 pieces for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

This time out we bring you 10 new magical items to supplement rakshasa from the bestiary, as well as the earthbound evils presented by In The Company of Rakshasa.

  • Blazing Spectacles: Burn enemies with a glance and see the touch of death upon them.
  • Broken Spirit Bag: Store life energy from your victims when you feed.
  • Circlet of Crawling Consumption: Spread your hunger and track those who give in to it.
  • Leaping Hare: Protect yourself with this war club against rakshasa and malicious spirits of winter such as the chenoo.
  • Links of Binding: Make your abjurations and wards harder for extraplanar creatures to resist.
  • Meat Hook of the Frugal Gourmet: Preserve your meaty meals for later consumption.
  • Perfume of Courtly Nibbling: Hide your habits and mask the signs of your feeding.
  • Rajaadharma Staff: Project your authority over other shapechangers and outsiders, and force your enemies to submit to your will.
  • Ravenous Tongue of Meghanada: Ravage your enemies and channel your supernatural appetite with this life-eating urumi.
  • Smoking Jacket of Deceptive Light: Maintain your illusions effortlessly and increase their potency, all while being the height of rakshasa fashion!