Airships (d20/OGL)

by Bastion Press

Bastion Press



Tags: 3rd Edition 3rd Edition/3e d20 d20/OGL Fantasy

Airships (d20/OGL)

by Sam Witt

While some choose to sail the seas and oceans seeking trade, adventure, and fame, others are more daring and sail the skies of their worlds. Discover the wonders of flight and the beauty of sailing the winds from many different methods and in many different forms. After all, no one race dominates the skies…save those that need no ships and jealously guard their skies. Like sea captains traversing dangerous waters and unknown menaces, airship captains must face the wrath of the aerial realms in the forms of dragons and other invisible dangers that pose great risk to their airships.

Airships provides all the rules necessary to bring flying ships into any campaign setting. Construction rules, combat, aerial and 3D movement, and other essential information is all covered. Also included are deck plans and specifications for a number of ships. Airships brings new heroes to the fore when a village under siege cries "Look! Up in the sky!"

Rules System: d20, 3E

Contents: 96 pages

Editor: Greg Dent

Artwork: Alexander Leonard, Andrew Baker, Christopher Pickrell, Jason Walton, Michael Erickson, and Todd Morasch

What the Reviewers Say...

"I love this little piece of paper and ink, so stop wasting time reading this rubbish and buy AIRSHIPS by SAM WITT!" - Kenneth Hatteland at RPG United

"It’s hard to find fault with Airships because it is so detailed and well written. Everything seems to be balanced, the layout of the book is well done, and it manages to stay right on topic. If anything was left missing or hanging (no pun intended), I can’t find it." -- John Grigsby at the d20 Magazine Rack.

"Airships is crunchy and I prefer flavour. It’s not a problem here though. The crunchy numbers don’t do my head in and the atmosphere that I look for in every RPG supplement comes together as you read through the different aspects of airship construction, combat and flying. The flavour builds from the game mechanic pieces in the same way the airships themselves come together from the hull choices and engine types. Sam Witt, who’s really making a name for himself, has done exceptionally well here." -- Wyrdmaster at GameWyrd.

"This is a very impressive piece of work, one of Bastion's best…certainly one of their crunchiest (which is why I bemoaned a missing index). Sam Witt has masterfully blended d20 rules work to create an exciting new way to play while still making sure the real heroes are the player characters." -- Jeff Ibach at Gameplay News.