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An Eldritch Dreams Games Bundle


Fantastical Archetypes, Fablemaster An Unchained Summoner Archetype
There are summoners that make pacts with outsiders, spirits, and cards. But there is one who unleashes the spirit of stories themselves, this is the Fablemaster. Those who delve too deeply into stories, ancient texts, and legends may find that some tales have a life of their own, waiting to awaken.
Three new Unchained Eidolon forms, the Hero, the Beast, and the Villain.
Forgo your Summon monster ability for performances that aid your eidolon and allies, eventually gaining the ability to enhance your allies with evolutions!
Delve into the tales of the fablemaster and summon up beings of legend to aid you on your journey.

Eldritch Court Races: Drophan
Enjoy this new advanced race (15RP) with a unique variance from the usual dragon-blooded races. Born to Half-dragons, or people descended from them, the Drophan are a race of great potential. Within the 7 pages of content you can find the following:

  • 9 Alternative Racial traits, including the Kyorlurn, or "keen ones"
  • 7 Favored class options
  • 9 New racial feats
  • 2 New items
  • A level 5 Iconic Kyorlurn Drophan: Aldani, with Character art.
  • A Page long FAQ answering some questions you may have about the Drophan

Ms. Mizomei's Marvelous Mercantile of Misuse
Introducing 22 New magical items, some are cursed, some are helpful, but they are all a tiny bit odd.

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