Arcforge Campaign Setting: Spheres Left Behind

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Arcforge Campaign Setting: Spheres Left Behind

Glory and Ruin Among the Stars! 

When Vandara was imprisoned, it left behind a wide variety of colonies, technologies, and peoples across the Aurin system. These forces have adapted since the Sundering, ushering in a new age of conflict and espionage across a war-ruined solar system. Discover the secrets of five scattered planets and the many moons that surround them! Gear up with over 30 new talents from the Technomancy Sphere (now with Wild Magic) and the brand-new high-octane Pilot Sphere (complete with Advanced Talents, Drawbacks, and new options for the Conscript and Prodigy classes)! Explore new facets of combat with 8 new archetypes and a variety of new high-tech mechanics, from the far-seeing Cosmic Prophet to the ever-resourceful Elite Commando to the endlessly versatile Gearmaster! In Aurin, the future belongs to those who claim it. Are you brave enough to take your place among them?

Spheres Left Behind is the eighth amazing installment in the ever-growing Arcforge Campaign Setting, providing a wealth of lore for Starfinder Roleplaying Game and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game GMs and players alike. Players get 10 new archetypes and class options, plus over 70 new class features, feats, abilities, and other enhancements, including material specially designed to function with Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might from Drop Dead Studios. GMs get entirely new worlds, even more expanded material and errata, plus over 150 technomantic wild magic effects, item glitches, and more! No matter what your flavor of sci-fi, you’ll find an amazing array of awesome stuff in these pages! Check out the spectacular 54-page Spheres Left Behind by Matt Daley today and Make Your Game Legendary!