Bestiary of Loerem (Sovereign Stone)

by Timeout Diversions

Timeout Diversions



Tags: bestiary Enemies fantasy monsters Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Bestiary of Loerem (Sovereign Stone)

Bestiary of Loerem presents more than 90 new such menaces for characters to outfight, outrun, and outwit. From the grunting animan to the lash-horned whipstag, each creature is fully statted for the Pathfinder® RPG, all with description and some include options such as a player-character race. An appendix categorizing the creatures by type, CR, terrain and racial reference is also available for the GM to quickly and easily insert monstrous encounters appropriate to characters' levels and current whereabouts.

Open this book to an array of new friends and foes!