Blood Space Gazetteer: The Radiant Imperium

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



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Blood Space Gazetteer: The Radiant Imperium

By Alexander Augunas and Matt Banach

From the minds of Owen K.C. Stephens, Alexander Augunas, and Matt Banch and produced by Everybody Games and Rogue Genius Games, a new star system in need of heroes for your PCs to explore! Enter the Xa-Osoro System, home of blood space first introduced in Rogue Genius Games’s Starfarer’s Companion. An empire on the brink of collapse, a civilization clawing back from the brink of annihilation, dozens of warring factions and shady mega-corps vying for control in an age marred by tragedy. This is the world that awaits you in the Blood Space Gazetteer.

In this issue of the Blood Space Gazetteer, a complete look at the culture and history of the primary government of the Xa-Osoro System, the Radiant Imperium! Heirs to a legacy of humanocentric conquest, the Radiant Imperium is a multi-planet government that was all but wiped out during the mysterious Nova Age, when the Regicide saw the utter destruction of the imperial home world, Azan. Countless social and institutional reforms have happened since the end of the Nova Age, and while progression has been made imperial citizens are all-too keenly aware of how close their heavily millitaristic society teeters towards facism. Included within is a detailed look at the Radiant Imperium, as well as multiple single-page descriptions of various influential factions that exist in the Radiant Imperium, such as the Prax Administration and the Host of the Repentant.