Week 41: Branded with an Unholy Sign (PF1e)

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



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Week 41: Branded with an Unholy Sign (PF1e)

Some Powers Leave Their Mark

The touch of the outer planes can corrupt even the most righteous mortal souls. Powerful souls can resist and overcome the burdens of corruption, taking control of the unholy essence, and learning to harness it for their own benefit. But no matter how much one resists, the touch will always manifest on their body in the form of a dark brand: A mark that forever scars their souls.

Branded with An Unholy Sign provides rules for characters to gain brands with fel powers, as feats or as alternate features for some classes. Each brand offers a boon of power, but also carries a burden that may bring a painful backlash.

No power is without consequences.