Chaos Red, Football Dice Sets

by BaronOfDice


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Chaos Red, Football Dice Sets

TOUCHDOWN!!! To reach the end zone, to bask in the glory of victory, there is only one way...through your opponent.  Let these dice take you to victory! Our Football Dice Sets come in unique reusable metal tins.

For all those living in the chaos we call life. Our premium hand swirled resin dice contain gruesome reds swirled with pure black veins and inlaid with a honorable white. All symbols are on the 6, 8, and 16 sides, please choose a design to complement your army!

Each "Set" contains 7 total dice.

x1 D16, with a customized 16 side

x1 D8, with a customized 8 side

x2 D6, with a customized 6 side

x3 Unique Block D6, all customized sides

These are a Baron Of Dice exclusive.  They are in no way representative of other game systems such as, but not limited to, Games Workshop, Mantic Games, or Axis and Allies.