Clever Classes Pathway to Adventure: The Marauder

by Alluria Publishing

Alluria Publishing



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Clever Classes Pathway to Adventure: The Marauder

Bring your Pathfinder RPG up to speed!

A reboot of the Mariner PC class from Cerulean Seas and the 4th D&D edition line "Clever Classes"; A mainstream PC class for the Pathfinder RPG, the Marauder, is the first in a long line of Clever Classes by Alluria Publishing.

Nothing is a swift and sure a marauder. Sacrificing armor for mobility and celerity, these unburdened warriors are able to move at incredible speeds, shift in any direction with alarming alacrity, and are capable of the most agile of maneuvers. In fact, the marauder seems more at home on the run with the wind at his back than a hunting wolf or swooping falcon. Driven by a desire to master their environment, and, perhaps, show off, marauders outrace everyone.