Critical Hit Deck for GMs (Dungeons & Dragons 5e)

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Critical Hit Deck for GMs (Dungeons & Dragons 5e)

Add some excitement to your tabletop RPG combat with our Critical Hit Deck for Game Masters. When your players suffer a critical hit, pull a card from the deck for additional effects. Each card features a different effect based on damage type that was inflicted.

Damage Types:

  • Slashing
  • Piercing
  • Bludgeoning
  • Magic

When your monsters score a critical hit, draw a random card from the deck for additional excitement and effects! These include lingering damage (bleeds), temporary and permanent role playing cues, temporary conditions, attribute and skill modifications, extra attacks and, of course, additional damages!

  • 52 cards for use by the GM against the players
  • 4 different outcomes per card depending on damage type (slashing, piercing, bludgeoning, or magic)
  • 208 awesome critical hit outcomes!

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