Curse of Blood Lagoon: PFRPG1E Addendum

by Michael Mars Gaming

Michael Mars Gaming



Tags: Adventure (Mid-Level) Fantasy Monsters/Enemies Pathfinder 1e

Curse of Blood Lagoon: PFRPG1E Addendum

This product is a conversion addendum of Curse of Blood Lagoon by Necromancer Games. That product is required to use this addendum.

Beset at sea! Curse-infected pirates strike at the characters, seeking blood and valuables on the waves. Can the beleaguered adventurers repel the attack and root out the source of demonic piracy in these waters?

Curse of Blood Lagoon features:

  • Sailing, broadsides, and boarding parties!
  • Cursed pirates!
  • Several hooks that can bring player characters to the adventure
  • “The Isle of the Sea God’s Lament”, to which any island in The Lost Lands (or in your campaign) can play host
  • Zombie pirates!
  • A variety of monsters and a curse to avoid!
  • Rum!
  • Refugees to rescue!
  • Crazy fruit!

Casey W. Christofferson has written a fantastic new island-adventure set in the seas of the Lost Lands. Recommended for 4-6 characters of levels 4-6, Curse of Blood Lagoon brings swashbuckling, cannon fire(!), infectious pirates, undead, and a chance to reverse a curse to your gaming table.