Cursed Space

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



Tags: Archetypes Future GM Tools Horror Magic Player Aids Sci-Fi Spells SRD Enhanced Starfinder

Cursed Space

Curses of the Cosmos!

Cursed Space will bring your Starfinder Roleplaying Game heroes to their knees begging for mercy from this collection of curses! This book brings you brand new accursed archetypes, including the black hat, gremlintouched, and cursed colonist. It also introduces a new category of magic, the dying spell, with 7 new spells like call the avenger and radiating pyre to allow heroes and villains alike to cast their spite upon their foes with their dying breath. Add to this nearly 30 brand-new curses including labile lunacy, kinslayer, and the propter infernis curse, including 10 of awesome Legendary Curses, with each one as detailed as it is diabolical to create memorable curse effects that are vividly virulent. If you've ever wanted your curses to be more than just a simple spell, something to inspire delightful terror in your players, bring home the horror that only curses can deliver, grab this 32-page Starfinder supplement today and Make Your Game Horrific... and Legendary!