CypherCaster Magazine - Issue 002 (July 2015; Numenera)

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CypherCaster Magazine - Issue 002 (July 2015; Numenera)

CypherCaster Magazine - Issue 002 (July 2015)

The second issue of the CypherCaster Magazine includes:

  • MCG Summer product preview - Interview with Monte Cook about the new Cypher System Rulebook
  • Creating a Space Opera Setting with the Cypher System Rulebook
  • An excerpt from Michael Diamond's new licensed Numenera novel Agents from the Beyond
  • Oodles of Oddities
  • Peril in Ismonnig, a show’em letter for a Numenera adventure seed
  • Broken Fractals, a Strange adventure
  • Part one of Panacea Box, a Numenera story by Michael Fienen
  • Part two of our Holstenwall series, an adventure "Into the Galvanic Labs, Experiments in Dark Energies"
  • MCG Fan Relations News

The stunning cover art by Jeff Brown shows a Holstenwall location, the Galvanic Labs of Auroleus University.