DayTrippers: GameMasters Guide

by As If Productions

As If Productions



Tags: Future GM Tools Sci-Fi

DayTrippers: GameMasters Guide

DayTrippers: GameMasters Guide

Surreal Science Fiction Roleplaying

The Daytrippers Gamemasters Guide is a toolkit for creating surreal adventures in weird worlds and other dimensions. With this expansion to the DayTrippers Core Rules, the GM takes the players into new and wildly divergent realities every session, blurring the line between subjective and objective reality.

The DayTrippers GameMasters Guide presents a radically new approach to designing and running unforgettably immersive adventures in inner and outer space. It's a valuable design aide for any GM, whether you run a home DayTrippers campaign, or use it as an adventure supplement for other game systems.

Designed by Tod Foley (creator of CyberSpace, Ghosts in the Machine, and Watch the World Die) the DayTrippers Gamemasters Guide blends modern and traditional gamemastering techniques with the random input of oracle tables and the approach of surrealist art. Each adventure is designed to last a single session and return the PCs back to Earth with the pacing of a short story or television episode. The result is a fast interpretive system with its own skittery mechanics, spitting out an endless variety of psychoactive science fiction narratives that will trip your players out. Psychic Content. Oracular Prep. Narrative Resolution. Vertical Control. High Bleed. You've played like this before, but you've never seen rules for it.

"It's a game for good gamers. The rules aren't hard to figure out,
and even with all the crazy stuff you can stumble across, there are plenty
of generators to cover your ass..."
- David Guyll, author of A Sundered World

"The generators were fantastic, and certainly some old-school writers
could learn a thing or two from you with their example."
- The RPG Pundit, author of Dark Albion

"DayTrippers is so scientific and intellectually mature that I'd
wholeheartedly recommend it for people smarter than me..."
- Venger Satanis, author of Alpha Blue

"Even though the book is written for the DayTrippers game, this is a book
I would recommend to any GM that wants to cultivate great ideas and
find useful suggestions on how to further develop their GM skills."
- Keith Mageau, RollingBoxcars