DC Playbook Vol 1: Enchanting System

by The Dungeon Coach

The Dungeon Coach



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DC Playbook Vol 1: Enchanting System

Alkander's Enchanting System
This is part of what I was going to release in Alkander's Almanac for the "Crafting Section" but we never hit that stretch goal... SO I am releasing it here! This is a full method for enchanting that you can use to create any item with!

Weapon, Armor, and Magic Item Scrolls
These are example Enchanted Item Properties that you can add onto ANY weapon / armor / items to customize your gear.

  • 28 Weapon Enchants
  • 15 Armor Enchants
  • 5 Shield Enchants
  • 10 Item Enchants

Traps, Riddles, & Puzzles
This was one of the MOST requested sections and I will be giving yall a steady stream of this content too! These can be placed in ANY adventure and showcases the "DC Method" for each and gives you everything you need to both run it and customize it!

  • 3 Traps
  • 2 Riddles
  • 3 Puzzles

Mystic Arcanum (Homebrew Spells)
These are a WIDE variety of New Spells that you can give to your players as spurprising rewards or show this list to them to choose from. These spells are awesome and just like everything else here, a LOT of work went into these!

  • 13 New Homebrew Spells

Adventuring Gear (Magic Items)
This will also be a recurring section, because who doesnt want magic items?! This months issue focuses on lower powered magic items that have some unique flavor to them!

  • 12 Magic Items

Dynamic Creature Appendix (Monsters)
These monsters ALL use the DC Method for monster creation and have unique abilities, features, actions, reactions, etc to really make them challenging and memorable at ANY level. Also custom art for each one really brings them to LIFE! (so your PC's can kill em)

  • 8 Monsters and Boss Monsters

Bonus Level Up Perks
They're back! These are a fan favorite as well and I wanted to keep a steady flow of these coming as well. I really listen to everyone's feedback and these are also a personal favorite of mine, so I am excited to get you guys more and more of these each month!

  • 10 Bonus Level Up Perks

YouTube Video on Enchanting: https://youtu.be/Xbu9fYhetpw