DC Playbook Vol 24: 5e Monster System

by The Dungeon Coach

The Dungeon Coach



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DC Playbook Vol 24: 5e Monster System

This PDF is our first exploration of a full redesign of 5th Edition monsters that provides a system you can use to easily build balanced encounters. With this resource, you’ll be able to make engaging combats at just the right difficulty level, without the usual headache.

In this PDF you get the following:

  • Monster Redesign: A redesign of how 5th Edition monsters are presented, where monsters now have roles and levels that make them much easier to implement and balance encounters around.
  • Role Templates: This section comes with guidance to build your own monsters using roles, or upgrade existing monsters by giving them these characteristics, in order to make well-rounded and engaging combats.
  • Encounters Unleashed: This section gives full detail and guidance on how to use our system to build encounters, using math that works and that we’ve done for you.
  • Dynamic Creatures Unleashed: This section includes a faction of bugfolk monsters using our monster redesign numbers and streamlined presentations. There’s 8 stat blocks total, 1 for each of the roles we provide in this PDF.

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