Delta World 5E Core Guidebook MP-501 Map Pack

by Blue Crab Party, L.L.C.

Blue Crab Party, L.L.C.



Tags: 5th Edition Future Sci-Fi

Delta World 5E Core Guidebook MP-501 Map Pack

Now, all in one place, high quality electronic versions of all the maps and map feature icons provided in the Delta World 5E Core Guidebook! Use these maps and icons to enhance your campaigns, spruce up your gaming sessions, or bring your adventure to life in your favorite virtual tabletop environment!

Inside you will find:
  • 34 high quality electronic (72 ppi jpg) maps specifically designed and developed for use in any virtual tabletop environment!
  • All map feature icons (over 70!) from Appendix 1 of the Core Guidebook!
  • Bonus maps! Did you like what you saw in the Core Guidebook but wish there was a little more? This may be just what you’re looking for! Included are 19 bonus high quality maps that cannot be obtained anywhere else!
  • Tiled maps that can be combined in a virtual tabletop environment to create high quality versions of the large format maps from the Core Guidebook, including the overview/travel map, the Phoenix Society Research Laboratory map, and larger cryostasis bunker maps!
  • An extra bonus – included is a complete set of room and area descriptions for the Phoenix Society Research Laboratory that you can use in your campaign, just add monsters to create an appropriate level-based challenge for your PCs!
  • A new creature to help populate your Delta World, the Mannequin Robot!

The MP-501 Core Guidebook Maps is a great tool for any game master, and a must-have time saver for virtual tabletop game masters! Designed specifically for the Delta World RPG setting, but compatible with almost any science-fantasy or future world game setting!