Double Team: Dracula VS Redeemer

by Misfit Studios

Misfit Studios



Tags: Monsters/Enemies Mutants & Masterminds Super-Hero

Double Team: Dracula VS Redeemer

Double Team: Dracula VS Redeemer provides two characters for your Mutants & Masterminds games: a villain, Dracula, and a hero, Redeemer.

Dracula is the undisputed King of Vampires, a medieval warrior prince looking to carve out an undead empire in a world of superheroes.

Redeemer is the Catholic Church's secret weapon against supernatural evil, as the latest holy warrior in a long line of witch hunters.

Each character is accompanied by three adventure ideas to make it easier to work them into your game.

This product includes information provided in Better Mousetrap 3e and Metahuman Martial Arts 3e, also available from Misfit Studios

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Requires the Mutants & Masterminds Hero’s Handbook by Green Ronin Publishing for Use.