enTRAPment - Traps and Hazards for 5th Edition

by Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon



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enTRAPment - Traps and Hazards for 5th Edition

"Be careful where you step."
As always, Dardan was on point, checking for traps. This hellish maze had already scorched them once when they weren't paying attention, and Gert, the Dwarven Paladin had taken a poisoned dart to the shoulder and was looking a bit green in the face from it.
Looking down Zurt could see that one of the tiles was protruding up slightly higher than one of the others, and he gingerly moved his foot elsewhere. Up ahead Dardan was checking the door and with a satisfied look, pulled out his lockpicks to start working on the door.
Moments later a loud CLICK echoed through the halls and Dardan's face turned white.

Welcome to enTRAPment where we take a look at the old dungeon classic, the trap, and introduce a bunch of new ones, alongside magical, natural, and spiritual hazards.

We've redesigned the existing trap system, so that it confirms better to the same Challenge Rating as the monsters you encounter in 5th Edition, which should make it easier for Game Masters to choose the right trap for the moment. 
We've also changed the way that traps are presented, in an effort to make them more accessible during gameplay, so that it's easier for you to get an idea of how the trap functions, what it does, how it does it, and how the players can stop it.

Within you'll find some of the old classics redesigned in this manner, alongside a host of new traps for you to use to vex your players.

In total, you'll find the following:

  • A new trap system, based on Challenge Rating
  • Traps presentation changes
  • 48 Traps
  • 8 Hazards, including the newly introduced Haunts