Extras! Mystical Guardians (5 level 12 Heroes)

by Dire Corgi Games

Dire Corgi Games



Tags: Fantasy GM Tools Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Extras! Mystical Guardians (5 level 12 Heroes)

When evil hides in the shadows and corrupts the souls of innocents, when it attacks the mind more than the body, when the threat is too insidious for normal adventurers, it is time for Mystical Guardians. The Planar Blooded have gathered to fight against dangers that normal adventurers are unable to oppose. From a sylph who has only been in these realms for a few years to an oread who fought these same evils millennia ago, these Mystical Guardians are ready to use their unusual abilities in your campaign.

  • Ana’Toran – Daughter of Light
  • Tyrmigon – Fiery Rebel
  • Alazardon – Ancient Scholar
  • Xynafa – Gentle Child of the Breeze
  • Myraness – Waveborn Heiress

Learn more about these five Mystical Guardians, including full character sheets.