Extras! Mythic Giants PF (CR 15 to 20)

by Dire Corgi Games

Dire Corgi Games



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Extras! Mythic Giants PF (CR 15 to 20)

Giants have been both the allies and enemies of adventurers throughout history. The giants included in this manual are all threats to humanity and other humanoid races. They aren’t just enemies, they are villains. The Imperium Gargantum is led by:

Karakanos – The Storm Tyrant – A storm giant magus
Shelana – The Dark – A cloud giant warpriest
Zygar – The Frost Blade – A frost giant barbarian
Calisal – The Desert Storm – A desert giant slayer
Nernuk – The Fist of Stone – A stone giant brawler

Each giant has their own history and motives. Can your adventurers bring peace back to the land?

Learn more about these five villains, including full character sheets. (CR 15 to 20)