Extras! Unlikely Heroes (5 NPC Level 5 to 7)

by Dire Corgi Games

Dire Corgi Games



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Extras! Unlikely Heroes (5 NPC Level 5 to 7)

The life of humanoids is never easy, especially if you have been exiled from your own people. Unlikely Heroes for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game features five such heroes ranging from level 5-7. Including a crippled kobold, an orphaned goblin, and a scholarly hobgoblin, the members of the Redeemed adventuring party are ready to add to your campaign.

Included are descriptions, motivations, and character sheets for:

Leketta – The Survivor
Kegeek – The Cripple
Kul’Daran – The Enlightened
Narooki – The Curious
Malatel – The Repentant