Faerie Herbalism (PF2)

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Faerie Herbalism (PF2)

The Garden of Life

Faerie Herbalism introduces a whole new type of treasure from the secret masters of the woodland wilds for your Pathfinder Second Edition campaign, allowing you to cultivate and create dozens of new items imbued with the primal power of nature. These herbal items incorporate potencies suitable for every item level, from simple vital herbs and belladonna to wolfsbane and nepenthe! Grow merman’s beard to plumb the ocean depths or unleash death untold with the massacre mandrake! Span planar boundaries with dimensional mushrooms or reach to the skies with the titanic stalk of the cloud bean! You’ll find rules for finding, growing, buying, and selling magical herbs of every kind, as well as cultivated magic items from the mystic wood known as minameith to forge into weapons of woodland war! This spectacular supplement for Pathfinder 2E is a boon to GMs and players alike, especially in wilderness campaigns that involve a heavy fey influence like the Kingmaker Anniversary Edition Adventure Path! Check out this beautiful 26-page campaign expansion from David N. Ross today and Make Your Game Legendary!