Plight of the Tuatha, Vol. 1: Feast Hall of Ash

by MÓR Games

MÓR Games

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Plight of the Tuatha, Vol. 1: Feast Hall of Ash

Plight of the Tuatha, Vol. 1: Feast Hall of Ash

This devious 78 page adventure is written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying System and designed for 4 players with characters of 2nd-4th level. Filled with new monsters, magic items, and tricky adversaries, Feast Hall of Ash will keep your players on their toes.

The village of Iria, a small outpost in the wild lands of Tir Ydrail and far from the protection of the recently formed Ceravossian Republic, is threatened by raiders burning and pillaging their way upriver. These dark raiders seek to feed souls to their newly awakened and voracious god.

Of course Iria is also located near a fae stronghold, a site of contention between two courts of inscrutable fae lords. The warm and healing powers of spring are struggling to survive the more powerful forces of decay and fear which have gathered. The stronghold is a bizarre location capable of manifesting as its ruler wills. Cautionary tales abound of the weak willed being ensnared by these sinister fae and forced into servitude.

The Feast Hall of Ash features a dangerous mix of unstable lycanthropes, ill-fated undead, and malevolent fae all bent on holding on to what little land and power they have been able to amass. The creatures and magic items introduced in this adventure include detailed backgrounds and histories to add to the depth of the world.

This adventure is the first in the Plight of the Tuatha adventure path set in the Imperiums Campaign Setting. While it is designed to lead into the next in the series, Vasily's Woe, this adventure can also be used by itself in any campaign setting. The NPCs and village of Iria are ready to be visited over and over again by providing characters with further adventure hooks that could be explored.

This adventure features high quality art from professionals who have worked in the industry. The full color PDF also is fully bookmarked and includes internal links to aid in navigation. In addition, NPC table tents have been included so that players can look into the face of their allies and adversaries while enabling you to keep track of the NPC's stats and motivations.

You are invited to the Feast Hall of Ash where your players might find that their characters are on the menu.