Four Horsemen Present: Hybrid Class - Blasphemer

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in The Four Horsemen

Brand: Rogue Genius Games

PDF / Pathfinder

Four Horsemen Present: Hybrid Class - Blasphemer

Scream Bloody Hell!

In conjunction with and Rogue Genius Games, the Four Horsemen created a new hybrid class designed to whisper sweet lies and scream bloody hell. The blasphemer combines a bard's mastery of performance and language with the antipaladin's love of depravity and vileness – though she can be fairly flexible on what kind of evil she supports. With the power to use spells, pernicious performances, smites, and wicked words, the blasphemer is ready to talk some smack! Complete with two archetypes – the flame-tongue and the scale-tongue – and a selection of new spells appropriate for the blasphemer's wicked ways!

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