BAG #1 10 BOOKS 10 BUCKS Frightfest 2014!

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BAG #1 10 BOOKS 10 BUCKS Frightfest 2014!

Frightfest 2014 BAG #1!

Get 10* horrifying Pathfinder Roleplaying Game books for just $10.00 for only 10 days!

In this very limited offer you get TEN (10*) books for just TEN DOLLARS ($10). This offer ends at 11:59 PM eastern, October 31st 2014.

*The small print... It's actually more than 10 but 10 sounded better! Your bag is guaranteed to contain at least 11 products, all with a delightfully evil twist!

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This bag includes ALL of the following PLUS ONE BONUS SURPRISE...

1. Against the Cult of the Bat God

An adventure by Raging Swan Press Retail $8.99

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for four 5th-level PCs. The Lonely Coast's most remote village, Oakhurst broods under the dark boughs of the Tangled Woods. Rumours of incest, murder and vile rites during the black of night surround its insular citizens. It is a place most wise people avoid as the very air seems inhospitable to strangers. Yet in the rumours is a grain of truth, for something dark does indeed stir in the shadow haunted trees and hunched homes of Oakhurst. An ancient evil, hungry with the thirst for blood, awakens from its eons long sleep. As disappearances mount and the Lonely Coast can no longer turn a blind eye to the blight that is Oakhurst, heroes are called upon to investigate the foul rumours and mysteries that plague the village. As the search for the truth intensifies, they may find themselves the next victims of a rising, bloodthirsty evil. Can they survive Against the Cult of the Bat God?

Endzeitgeist called this adventure "...a hot contender for my no.1 spot for 2014." and he'd review it "higher than 5-stars" if he could.

Average rating 5 stars! and "contender for #1 release of 2014"!!!

2. Rappan Athuk Bestiary

A monster book by Frog God Games Retail $4.99

A monster book with 30-ish monsters from probably the best-known monster-makers in the Pathfinder RPG universe, Frog God Games, who were only to happy to unleash the Rappan Athuk Bestiary on you for this special offer.

A reviewer said "Hauled screaming and kicking out of the depths of Rappan Athuk to infest a campaign world somewhere near you, here is a fine selection of monsters collected from the 'new monsters' section of the Rappan Athuk adventures and kitted out with full descriptions, complete Pathfinder RPG statblocks and even complete lairs all ready to raid."

Average rating 5 stars!

3. Fat Goblin Travel Guide To Horrible Horrors & Macabre Monsters

A monster book by Fat Goblin Games Retail $6.99

Within the pages of this horrifying tome you will be exposed to the most disturbing, depraved, and savage of beasts in which to threaten the lives of your players. The dastardly creations featured herein have been gathered from the sick and twisted minds of our two most notorious goblins and offers a variety of monsters that a game master can use at almost any level of game play. Once you make the choice to unleash these vile beasts into your world, we are sure that your players (or their characters) will never be the same again.

A reviewer said "I really enjoyed this book. The first thing that stuck out in my mind is that every monster entry had a full color illustration. This is fantastic. Most of the art is from Rick Hershey and it is very cool. I said to myself, man I want this as a print book."

Average rating 5 stars!

4. Advanced Races 2: Darakhul Ghouls

A player and GM resource book by Kobold Press Retail $4.99

This 18-page sourcebook by award-winning designer Ben McFarland includes: 11 new darakhul racial traits, and 14 ghoulish feats including Eater of the Dead and Undead Rage, 3 new archetypes: Quicksilver Alchemist, Imperial Hunter Ranger, and Necrophage Wizard, 8 revolting magic items and equipment, 6 new spells and incantations, Survival tips for adventuring ghouls

A reviewer said "A chilling introduction to this subterranean people, who are more than mindless flesh-munching ghouls, yet encompass that very nature. Herein are all the details to play one, although I cannot imagine wanting to do so by choice... they certainly make for a potent enemy and GMs who prefer real depth to their adversaries rather than using them as mere cannon-fodder for the party to slay will find plenty of use here."

Average rating 5 stars!

5. Servants of Shadows: Five Necromancy-themed Races

A player and GM resource book by Total Party Kill Games Retail $9.99

Servants of Shadow brings you new necromancy-themed character race options to fill that dark hole in your heart. Within are three new races, three templates, new archetypes and prestige classes, dozens of feats, traits and magic. This product contains 67 pages of content, all hyperlinked to the d20pfsrd website. It's everything you need to resurrect your campaign and dig up some great necromantic character options!

A reviewer said "I am very impressed by the writing. It is well thought out. The art work is amazing and the layout is well done!"

Average rating 4.5 stars!

6. In The Company of Monsters

A player and GM resource book by Rite Publishing Retail $9.99

This compilation of player races and racial paragon classes is sure to bring new and exciting encounters to your game. These new options include: Gargoyles, Giants, Ironborn, Minotaur, Restless Souls, and Wyrd.

A reviewer said "Truly an awesome array of new and original PC races for any campaign, with plenty of supplemental material even if you don't use the races themselves."

Average rating 4 stars!

7. Splintered Godhood

A complete, one-night improv horror RPG by Legendary Games Retail $4.99

Splintered Godhood is a one-night, improvisational cooperative horror role-playing game for 4 to 5 mature players and one storyteller where each player plays a role in weaving a cooperative story of inverted and interwoven layers of reality within which each player is touched by the caress of infinity and eternity. With a divine spark infusing their Flesh, Voice, Will, and Awareness, they can build and twist the worlds around them, touching and overlapping them to form a malleable shared universe.

A reviewer said "The game itself is appetite-whetting to say the least. SG is designed to be truly limitless in scope – indeed, exploring the limitless is very much the main theme – and there are lots of examples to get excited about. What gamer wouldn't lick their lips at the promise of such power as "Killing an entire country with your bare hands" and "Convincing a hostile crowd to commit seppuku in your name"?"

8. Fear Itself

A complete stand-alone horror game by Pelgrane Press Retail $8.95

This is a complete stand-alone horror game based on the GUMSHOE system.

Fear Itself plunges ordinary people into a disturbing contemporary world of madness and violence. Players take the roles of regular folks much like themselves, who are inexorably drawn into confrontation with the creatures of the Outer Black, an unearthly realm of alien menace. With or without its distinctive mythology, GMs can use it to replicate the shudders and shocks of the horror genre in both film and literature.

A reviewer said "This is an excellent horror role playing game, focusing on investigation, survival and deep character creation. Forget long lists of skills, pedantic rules, or endless lists of equipment, which are common to other modern games which only pretend to support horror and instead thinly disguise narrative for a game (you know who you are). Here you will find plenty of ideas on how to evoke horror atmospheres, and how to design characters whose motives and actions are ingrained in the resolution mechanics; this is a TRUE storytelling game!"

9. Ghost in the Graveyard Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

An audio (MP3) supplement by Toxic Bag Productions, Inc. Retail $7.99

Arlington Station, WI, Spring 1983: A group of teenagers gather at a creepy old church for a party... couples steal away to fool around among the headstones in the nearby graveyard. Soon the graveyard is awash in fresh blood as one by one the nubile young students are picked off by what? A vengeful spirit? A mad, deranged serial murderer? Look, it doesn't matter. There's no movie. Just a kickass soundtrack with an awesomely 80s flavor. The “Ghost in the Graveyard” soundtrack download includes: 9 music tracks, special collector's set of lobby cards from the nonexistent film (English AND French versions!)

10. Halls of Horror

A GM resource by Tabletop Adventures Retail $6.25

This book provides 150 creepy descriptions in a modern setting: building interiors (and more) for use in any RPG from the pulp era to the present day. Things like a bloody handprint, a steep staircase, dead rats and letters written by an unseen hand are just some of the phenomena portrayed in this document. Send characters to a dusty library, wax museum, Gothic cathedral, or to the graveyard after dark. These slightly off-kilter descriptions are made for you, to ease the life of the Harried Game Master.

11. Ultimate Evil

A GM and player resource by Publishing Retail $5.95/$6.95

Description: "This book is a treatise on all forms of evil, most notably those fallen from grace and those who would bring their foul motives to bear upon those too weak to resist them. It is co-authored by noted Pathfinder Roleplaying Game writer Clinton J. Boomer and previous Publishing author Peter K. Ullmann. This vile manuscript provides you with 60+ pages of sick content for evil PCs and NPCs"

Normal Retail $71.08

Special Price for Limited Time $10.00

A savings of: $61.08 or over 80% off retail!

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