From the Deep Adventure Path: Players Guide


Format: PDF

This 20-page1 Player's Guide to From the Deep provides invaluable information to players starting this first all-psionic campaign from Dreamscarred Press.

The player's guide gives information on how to make your character fit into the Third Dawn Campaign Setting, as well as how to be best suited toward the From the Deep adventure path. What classes are allowed? What races are there and what is important to know about each race? Where should your character be from and how do you tie him into the starting city, Arbil? In addition, new equipment is presented specific to the Third Dawn Campaign Setting, as well as campaign and regional traits to make your character truly feel as if he belongs in the all-psionic world.

More than simply character-creating information, details about the city of Arbil and the important regions of the adventure path are also presented, exploring the different societies of the region. Find out how religion works when divine magic and gods don't exist.

From the Deep is Dreamscarred Press's first adventure path and is set in Ksaren, the world of the all-psionic Third Dawn Campaign Setting.