Gremlin Grimoire

by Menagerie Press

Menagerie Press



Tags: fantasy Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Gremlin Grimoire

This illustrated bestiary includes twenty nasty gremlins and gremlin-kin. Come be baffled by the Wishlings, dodge the Ukobach's flaming oil, tread through the Toadstoolkin's tainted gardens, and challenge the Nurahiyon for mastery of hearth and home: All of these, and more, are detailed within the pages of the Gremlin Grimoire.

Gremlins abound, causing mischief and havoc throughout civilization - the Akaname loiters in latrines, eating offal and cursing its poor victims to become Akaname themselves. Meanwhile, the Sky Rippers attack the airships and flying citadels that ply the skies. The Bes both protect and terrify the children under their guard, and the Nebutori stuff their unsuspecting victims full of delicious, fattening food until their victims are weak and glutted. Come see the weird, bizarre (and oft dangerous) world of the Gremlins in this, the third bestiary book from Menagerie Press.

Fantastic fantasy art from Steven Catizone finishes off this role-playing game book. Also compatible with the Open Game License 3.5 system.