Hybrid Classes Vol. 1

by Wayward Rogues Publishing

Wayward Rogues Publishing



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Hybrid Classes Vol. 1

Hybrid Classes Vol. 1

6 New Hybrid Classes for your Game!

  • The Forge Priest- a specialized armor crafter that can imbue his spells onto armor worn by others.
  • The Forest Warden- a unique hunter who's animal companion gains the abilities of a wizard's familiar.
  • The Looter- a barbaric rogue that moves swiftly into battle, stealing anything thats not nailed down.
  • The Mariner- A naval based class that takes the fight to the devils beneath the waves.
  • The Pulverizer- a barbaric martial artist that uses the mangled bodies of his opponents as weapons.
  • The Shadowskiver- a sneaky, illusion based assassin who can manipulate the fabric of darkness.
  • Plus new spells, feats and skills to enhance their special abilities!

Written by Robert Gresham