Inglenook's Lesser-Used Spells: False Friends

by Librarians & Leviathans

Librarians & Leviathans



Tags: Pathfinder 1e Spells

Inglenook's Lesser-Used Spells: False Friends

A supplement for Pathfinder 1st edition, featuring 30 new spells. While not particularly serious, the spells are designed to be usable in play - this isn't a joke product.

Have you been mis-sold magical incantations, scrolls, spellbooks or eldritch initiations into blasphemous rites? Embarrass yourself with belated, public realisations that you learned the wrong spell? Avoid the pitfalls of overeagerness, scrawly handwriting and gullibility with this handy guide to spells that aren't the spell you're actually looking for. Thirty misleading spells, often silly, but some of them potentially useful nonetheless. When you need to temporarily hide a servant, lecture the undead or slightly alter your trousers, this is the place to look.