Lands of Theia (5th Edition)

by Samurai Sheepdog

Samurai Sheepdog



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Lands of Theia (5th Edition)

In the Lands of Theia, adventure never waits.

Welcome to the first campaign setting that details the shattered worlds for Pathfinder 1st Edition. Magical sky races, volcanic jungles, steam-powered metropolises, and continent-spanning cave networks are only some of the wonders that await adventurers in this fantasty realm.

With a wealth of options at their disposal, players can experience exciting new ways to build memorable characters. Gamemasters will enjoy a first look at the world of Theia and its many varied people, while spotlights and story hooks act as windows through which we introduce plots to help jumpstart a game or expanded upon in future adventure paths.


This version is the most current release of our pre-Kickstarter content. We will update again once that content is added and we're ready to submit our Hardcover Print Proof.

10 new races - cabaro (owlfolk), canites (dogfolk), deathless, dworgs (orc/dwarf), gilahn lizardfolk, gnolls, half-dwarves, leporines (rabbitfolk), kerata lizardfolk, Theian orcs

Updated options for existing races.

13 new classes that highlight the different styles in Theia without overshadowing what already exists. Play as a barrier sentinel, an adventuring noble, or a necromancer that controls ancient, fossilized beasts in the same party as a druid, paladin, or rogue. The full list also includes astrologer, censor, cultist, dragon speaker, gladiator, marshal, mercenary, sohei, thaumaturge, and zealot.

Character options for new and existing classes allow players to experience the world in their own way and stick to something familiar and still get a taste of what Theia has to offer.

New deity domains, spells, and spellcaster lists.

Equipment, feats, and backgrounds.

A vibrant, detailed chapter describing Theia’s 15 countries and regions, including NPCs, towns, cities, and other locations a GM can explore with their party or begin a story all their own. Deities, planes and rules for sky racing round out this chapter.