Laying Waste: Critical Hit App

#3 Best Seller
in Denny Edwards

Brand: Denny Edwards

Format: Android

Note: This is an app you install on an Android phone or tablet.

An essential addition to every gamer's digital toolbox. Randomly generate amazing critical hits.

  • Never again waste a critical threat roll
  • Critical hits are not sheer hit point destruction
  • Increased skill at arms means increased critical effects
  • Critical effects have saving throws.

This app generates amazing random effects for your criticals and you can use the optional dice rolls for the saving throws and other effects.

Get the full rules for "Laying Waste: A Guide to Critical Combat" by TPK Games at:

Version 3:

Updated Files

  • layingwaste.apk
  • laying.waste-screen1.png

Update Notes:

  • Added Fumbles
  • Fixed a sound bug