Lucien's Guide: The Black Files

by Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing



Tags: Diceless fantasy GM Tools

Lucien's Guide: The Black Files

Come immerse yourself in the secret lore of the Grand Stair.

Delve the secrets of the Lords of Gossamer & Shadow through the correspondence of Lucien, Lord of the Grand Stair, as he discusses evocative enigmas such as the Typhonian Event and the reappearing nemesis known as The Harbinger, and gain even more knowledge about his personal domain by visiting the Back Office.

Learn about the mysteries Lucien wants to keep hidden. Discover new worlds, and vast realms like the portal linked universe of Ildari and the worldwalker Sophia Fusillade. Read about the potential threat of slowly expanding roots of the immeasurable plant-being Basta. Unearth the Outstanding Files Lucien has not even had time to investigate yet. Finally meet another ally of Lucien the truename bound goddess Lady Kitabu.

Brought you by bestselling and critically acclaimed game-designer Rob Donoghue (Fate Core, Dresden Files Rpg, Spirit of the Century); Lucien's Guide: The Black Files is a perfect addition to Lords of Gossamer & Shadow (Diceless).