Michael Satran's Journey to the Center of the Earth

by High Rock Press

High Rock Press



Tags: HERO System Modern Mutants & Masterminds Super-Hero

Michael Satran's Journey to the Center of the Earth

Jules Verne. The Lost World of the Warlord. Doc Savage. The Challengers of the Unknown. The Fantastic Four! The Savage Land! As long as there have been stories about explorers and superbeings, there have been stories of strange underground lands and societies at Earth's Center. This campaign supplement for Champions by veteran game author Michael Satran fits easily into any campaign world - and in glorious full color! It addresses a variety of differing power levels, with many options for adjustment and expansion.

This full-color campaign supplement for Champions Complete using Hero System 6th Edition rules runs approximately 280 pages, including art and maps. Includes character sheets and information for Mutants & Masterminds as well.