Pathfinder Terrain: City of Absalom

by Little Shop of Magic

Little Shop of Magic

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Pathfinder Terrain: City of Absalom

Behold the Ancient Prestige!

Absalom boasts some of the finest - and oldest - buildings and monuments on the Inner Sea. Over the nearly 5 millennia since Aroden founded the city, Absalom has been built, rebuilt, and rebuilt again, resulting in a tapestry of architectural styles as diverse as the countless citizens and visitors who throng its streets and markets. 

With a few plastic clicks, build a real tavern or city hall on your gaming table. Place your miniatures, including the innkeeper, and roll for the initiative!

And forget about glue - this city was designed by the finest Architects.

Dungeons & Lasers terrains are manufactured in tabletop scale with 30mm visible grids and 25mm half-height walls.

Box Contains:

  • 12 x floors
  • 24 x walls
  • 6 x doors
  • 6 x doorways
  • 42 x customization bits

The terrain comes unpainted and unassembled.