Polymorph - The Martial Master (5E)

by Orphaned Bookworm Productions, LLC

Orphaned Bookworm Productions, LLC



Tags: 5th Edition Classes Fantasy

Polymorph - The Martial Master (5E)

In this book you will get a full 1-20 class that is conceptually a hybrid class of the monk, barbarian and swashbuckler classes from Pathfinder 1st Edition. While you will see elements of each of the "parent" classes, they are introduced in a fresh way that brings a new way to approach martial combat. In addition to the base class you will get 6 sub-classes (called focus techniques) to provide some tweaks on how the class is handled. All-in-all the martial master will provide an excellent class for those players seeking a new, more measured and interesting martial class or for GMs to provide a challenging combatant.