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Cyber and Psi

In the year 2096, psychics walk among us. They proved too powerful to eradicate when they first appeared 80 years ago, but now normals have new tech to help level the playing field. Of course, the odds are never fair when mega-corps and rival governments are involved.

In a world where it's every corporate drone for himself, will you take your life into your own hands and cast your luck as a street runner or will you throw your hat in with the man?

In this book you'll discover:

  • A complete cyberpunk RPG using the Fudge™ rule system
  • A future powered by advancements in psionic-powered technologies
  • Complete rules for building characters, including options to give them cybernetic enhancements, psionic powers, magic devices, and weapons galore
  • Loads of psychic powers, including telekinesis, pyrokinesis, ESP, mind control, psychometry, and more
  • Fast and simple rules for hacking computers that don't exclude anyone from participating
  • Unique methods for hacking people, including the controversial practice of soul jacking
  • Advice on how to GM a fast and simple session with limited prep time
  • A sample adventure to get you started in the world of Psi-punk
  • And much more!

What is Psi-punk?

Psi-punk is an exciting new RPG for the Fudge role-playing system. It combines a futuristic cyberpunk setting with a healthy dose of psionics to bring you a unique alternate world rife with intrigue, espionage, action, and adventure

What's Inside?

This book includes all of the Fudge-compatible rules you will need to get started; no other reference material is required.

In addition to the 192-page, illustrated, bookmarked, and index book, we've included a form-fillable character sheet so you can enter data electronically before printing. We've also included a bonus short story set in the world of Psi-punk to help set the tone for your adventures, and a sample adventure to kick-start your GM's imagination.

It's more than everything you need to get started with simple and fun cyberpunk role-playing.