Realm Worksheet (Pathfinder)

by Notsonoble's Gaming

Notsonoble's Gaming



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Realm Worksheet (Pathfinder)

Realm Worksheet (Pathfinder)

This Three Page Worksheet is the beginning product of group dedicated to providing Gamemasters and Storytellers a way to keep up with all the details of a realm larger than a single settlement.

This worksheet, while compatible with The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, is also still very compatible with any Roleplaying Game system, or even basic storytelling.

Profits (both in money and suggestions) from this worksheet will be devoted specifically a larger, more detailed Realm Workbook, that will be distributed both in electronic and print format.

Like NSNG's other worksheets this product is saved with Adobe Reader Extended Features granted meaning you can save the sheet in an editable fashion. Many sheets print well, a few are fillable, only this sheet is fillable, savable, and prints well.

Here's why you should consider this sheet over others:

  • Developed with other GMs input
  • Good Starting Size
  • Fillable AND Savable
  • Will continue to improve based on YOUR input YOUR input will influence a later related product